Pebble puts smiles on faces worldwide

Pebble's toy story

From Zero ...: Behind every Pebble toy is a strong woman - behind Pebble stands the non-profit organization Hathay Bunano.  When their founders set off in 2005, they had US $ 500 in their pocket and one goal in mind: a sustainable, flexible, and fair work environment for people in the rural areas of Bangladesh. 


To 206: Today Pebble proudly looks at around 206 production sites in which over 12,000 women and people with disabilities crochet and knit children's toys and accessories.  In addition to the manual training of the employees, there is also the educational aspect of their children, which they can bring to the workplace. 


fair and flexible: fair pay and flexible working hours open the door to getting out of poverty.  With the additional salary, women can support their families and permanently improve their living condition.  The wide spread of the production facilities across the whole country saves them long journeys and thus also prevents them from migrating to the cities due to jobs and the tearing apart of families. 


Like this Pebble brings a smile to small and big faces, in Bangladesh and in children's rooms worldwide.  Each piece is unique: handmade and crafted by heart - unique – quite 1 of a kind.


Rasseln: Pebble Zoo

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Pebble Puppen

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Rasseln: Püppchen

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Rasseln: Auto & Co

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Pebble Organic Cotton

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Pebble Mützen

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Pebble XMAS

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Making of (a) Pebble

Every Pebble begins in the head of the brands founder, Samantha Morshed ...  the yarn finds its ways through her skillful hands, takes shape and ends up as a finished crochet toy sample in one of our Bangladeshi production facilities, i.e. on the village square, in the shadow of a temple or into the "home office" of our crochet talents.  It is here where our unique pieces are created by hand based on an initial sample. 

All raw materials are transported on the roofs of buses and on small mopeds over partly muddy, mostly bumpy roads to the most remote villages and distributed to the women - a logistical and static masterpiece!  Taking the exact  same way back to the city,  the parts are being checked, washed and, if necessary, finished, e.g.  Faces embroidered or sometimes a forgotten part is completed.  Every single Pebble goes through a metal detector before shipping - so we make sure that no broken crochet needle has been “swallowed”.  Only then the octopus, giraffe, fox and Co. will make themselves on the long journey to their new home.

Our motto?  Of course certified.  All Pebble products are CE and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.  Our organic cotton range is tested according to the GOTS standard.  Since 2014, all Pebbles pride themselves with the official Fairtrade label.  Pebble products are crochet with 100% cotton or organic cotton, 4-ply, made with an extra thin needle - so they are prepared for wild fights in the children's room.  As filling material we use polyester.  Why?  Well - all our experiments with different materials have made polyester the test winner in terms of robustness, wash performance and shape retention.  We want to avoid that the intestines of e.g.  a donkey will neither remain in the washing machine nor wildly move from I to A, from head to toe but stays where it belongs.