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Newest Products

How the chubby faced beaver bear saw the world

The chubby faced beaver bear Mister O'Lui and his Luifriends delight children from all over the world. Of course, he also started small – and his story is as charming as his appearance:

Making of (a) Lui

In fact, graphic designer Silke Siefert simply wanted to crochet a teddy for her twin boys – a best friend who accompanies them through their childhood. Easier thought than done ... because thanks to a lack of crochet knowledge, the bear got particularly thick jaws instead of a round  head.

From a crochet accident to an Instagram star: Silke Siefert could not have dreamed of what happened next. On its Instagram channel @mister.o.lui the beaver bear conquered the hearts of young and old fans worldwide, the published instructions were crocheted thousands of times. Today, fans can even dive  into the Lui world in an own MISTER O'LUI shop. The Beaver Bear and his LuiFriends are ready to be bought , each one a one-of-its-kind unique piece crocheted with love.