Maya Organic comes from Channapatna near Bangalor in Southern India. The initiative links artisans, workers and micro-entrepreneurs to produce solid wood furniture, home accessories and toys. Handmade and high quality, fair and good.

With the aim of a self-determined and equal society, the focus is particularly on the support of women on the spot, including product development and through training in woodworking. This allows all Maya Organic employees to improve their living condition independently and in the long term.



Excellent: Traditional technique and aesthetics meets indigenous design, cultural identity and environmental protection, for which Maya Organic received the UNESCO seal of excellence for Handicrafts Products in South India. Also all products carry the official Fair trade seal with pride.

All in all healthy - for the world, the craftsmen and women, your child. That's how you do sustainable.

Naturally brilliant.

Maya Organic wooden toys are manufactured using an old craftsmanship technique. Everything starts with the rubber tree: it grows fast and does not come from forest or agricultural areas. Besides, the whole tree is never felled, so the wood regrows. Another point for the climate: all wood waste such as chips is used by the local incense stick industry in Channapatna and the surrounding area, nothing is wasted!

For the dyeing process Maya Organic uses a natural resin, which is separated from microscopically small insects on a certain tree rim. This technique has been used in India for thousands of years, it does not require any chemical treatment and meets the toy safety standards EN71 and ASTM. The resin is heated on charcoal fire, melted and mixed with different plant colors.

Yellow: Turmeric plant

Red: Manjishta (madder root) + Turmeric

Orange: Turmeric + Lime

Blue-black: Indigo powder

Blue-green: Indigo powder

Green: Indigo + Turmeric

Still soft, the mixture is being processed into long lac sticks. After the final touch on the lathe it gets colorful: the hardened spice resin mixture is held to the toy and melts evenly into the softwood thanks to the frictional heat while spinning so fast on the wood lathe. Last but not least, the surface is polished to a shiny gloss finish using a dried screw pine leaf. This whole process is also being referred to as Lac-turnery. Now the trip to the nursery can finally begin!