In style against disposable masks

the Viky rader story

Crazy times we're living in-no question. For weeks, our life has been our head, we are experiencing a new everyday life, which we must first learn completely. "Social Distancing", the term of the hour, determines our cooperation. And yet, perhaps the sky shines a little blue than otherwise, the sun's rays seem more clear than just weeks ago, the birds chirp louder and the juicy maigrün of the trees completes this picture that is beforeour doors. But this picture will continue to be marked by what we call Corona's everyday life.

The mask has become a constant companion and does not only protect one itself and the other, but above all expresses respect. From the beloved piece of fabric to the new textile Essential, which will accompany us for a long time!

The unique mask created by a collaboration of Creative Director Viktoria Rader and 1 of a kind, says less sustainable disposable masks and sets the fight-how should it be different: fashionable standards.

It is not only wearable on both sides (reversible), but is dimensionally stable, colourfast and-thanks to the material polyester-it is much more breathable than cotton masks. Polyester, as well as used in Active Wear, is not only washable, but also does not wet and ensures a high wearing comfort, especially at warmer temperatures. Finest sewing technology and elastic, thin ribbons ensure a good fit of the mask.


Behind vikyrader there is no one less than Modeikone, businesswoman and trend visionary Viktoria Rader. The smart businesswoman is not only a successful model and founder of "Vikyandthekid" It also advises renowned fashion and lifestyle companies on trends and creativity. For the Münchnerin, the vikyrader mask is a very special, sustainable herzenproject.

vikyrader GmbH