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Collaboration and Customizing

Everyone his Pebble: you have a theme and a corporate design, we have 12,000 crochet talents, the know-how and the production network. This creates giveaways and merchandise that no one else have: highly individualized and handmade, sustainable and fair. Unique:

With the stories behind Pebble, the product does practically all the PR.

Just write to us customize@mypebbletoy.com- we look forward to your ideas!

MINI makes PEBBLE great

The MINI COOPER turned 60 ... and lifted our relatively young brand out of its infancy. Together with our wonderful partners in Bangladesh we produced the MINI Lifestyle collection and successfully launched them on the international market in 2019.

Thank you, MINI!

making of a toy bag

The crocheted side panels were made in a village in the Rampal district of northern Bangladesh.

Surrounded by water and lush green rice fields, the small village is a complete contrast to Bangladesh's major cities such as Dhaka, Jessore, or Kulna.

Later in Dhaka, the crocheted side panels are sewn together with the embroidered mini side panels before they head on a journey into the mini lifestyle world.


Every week a new world: In May 2020, we were placed with two products at the TCHIBO Sustainability week. When a Typhoon hit northern Bangladesh at the end of 2019 and brought our production to a standstill, we were first concerned about the impact, of course primarily for the safety of our artisans, which we had visited shortly before. When the worst was over, we were able to resume production and deliver successfully on time by adding other village communities. Who says that handmade is not scalable?

making of an ice lolly

A total of 520 women in 26 villages were in full employment for 4 months to produce our TCHIBO order

Visiting the artisans and their families at home and seeing what impact a small crocheted toy can have is a beautiful and humble experience. At the same time we were able to open our 2nd preschool for the children of the workers in one of the villages. Pure happiness!