Pebble writes history (n)


Samantha, the foundress

When Samantha and Golam Morshed, the Gründer of Hathay Bunano, the Non profit organisation got on the way behind Pebble, in 2004, they had 500 US $ in the pocket and an aim before eyes: to create a lasting, adaptable and fair working sphere für people in Bangladesh.

Today Pebble looks proudly at about 100 manufactures in which über 12,000 women and people knit toys and child's play clothes häkeln with impediment and.

The lending of the Fairly Trade labels of the WFTO in 2015 was only one logical consequence and honours Pebble now also as a brand, after her Gründerin were raised already in 2009 by the Königin of England für her social engagement in the knighthood.


Mark and Sofia, the ambassadors

The way in the German-speaking space began in 2010 with a business trip to Bangladesh. When Mark Hachmann and Sofia Lopes bumped here into the brand Pebble, it was love at first sight. Design, philosophy and effectiveness simply speak for itself.

Pebble was just six month-old at that time – we could help as an exclusive distributor to lift the brand from the children's shoes and to bring to Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain and in Switzerland. Pebble inspired to us even for the foundation of our own company 1 OF A CHILD with which we expel since then products with social and lasting claim.