1 OF A KIND's carbon offset project

1 OF A KIND's carbon offset project

Intensive smoke production from inefficient cooking methods is one of the most serious health risks to people in Bangladesh. The consequences are respiratory diseases, asthma, eye and skin infections as well as lung cancer. These mainly affect elderly people, women and small children, who are exposed to the toxic smoke for up to seven hours per day. Currently 99 percent of the rural population still cook by traditional methods, e.g. on three stones on open fire. As 90 percent of thepopulation rely on biomass products as cooking fuels, deforestation and soil degradation are serious environmental problems.

In the early 1980s scientists from Bangladesh developed the Bondhu Chula, meaning "friendly stove", in collaboration with women from rural areas. The new cooking system saves up to 50 percent of fuel. Another innovation is that smoke is led outside through a chimney. To date, about 500,000 stoves have been produced and distributed through the project.

Friendly stoves

Collaboration with Climate Partner to contribute to the UN Sustainable development goals

SDG 1 - No poverty Saving time and income for fuel acquisition; jobs in production, sale and maintenance of stoves, administration

SDG 3 - Good health and well being

Improved indoor air quality, reducing health risks for women and children

SDG 5 - Gender equality

Women co-initiated project; women benefit most from time and income savings and from health benefits

Project standard

Gold Standard VER (GS VER)


How do cookstoves help fight global warming?

In many of the world's poorer regions, families cook their meals over an open fire, often in enclosed spaces. This method of cooking is however not energy efficient, as large amounts of heat go to waste. Clean cooking stoves are often simple devices made from metal or clay that use energy more efficiently. Families can thus save fuel and cut down on carbon emissions. Sometimes the stoves are even used in small businesses.

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