Delightful Pebble Toys

Pebble is the first brand that we – the founders of 1 OF A KIND – started distributing exclusively in Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain plus Greece, Monaco and others European countries on a non-exclusive base. Actually it was for Pebble that we built our company.

On one of the frequent business trips to Dhaka, we came across Pebble in 2010 when the brand was only 6 months old and fell in love with the products, the social aspect behind it and the people that started the project.

The Non-Profit Organization Hathay Bunano (which means „handmade“ in Bengali) set out to create a sustainable, flexible and fair

working environment for the Bangladeshi people. Over time it  became increasingly clear that it needed it’s own brand in order to tell the story of the products and the processes and the potential for handmade and so Pebble was launched in January 2010, 6 years after the start of Hathay Bunano. Since then Pebble has been a success story, being distributed in Premium stores and boutiques in currently over 24 countries.