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“It’s not money that can solve the poverty problem in Bangladesh. A sustainable solution to the poverty issue is generation of employment for the poor.“

Samantha Morshed, CEO, HBPS


The products that 1 OF A KIND distributes exclusively in some selected European countries help support many families in the markets where we buy them from, currently in Bangladesh and India. “Our” Artisans have a progressive working environment, fair working hours and wages and are employed by brands, that have been recognized for their social contribution.

Awarded with international prizes like the UNESCO Seal of Excellence, a knighthood by Her Majesty the Queen of England – being recognized from the Clinton Foundation – with case studies of the

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) on how to reduce poverty by employing young women, it shows that there are some initiatives out there that manage to differentiate themselves from the mass manufactured products that have been flooding the market over the past decades.

We think that all those beautifully crafted pieces have a story to tell and will make a difference in how you and your children will see the world.